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Detox Hybrid™ Foot Spa
Detox Hybrid™ Foot Spa
Detox Hybrid™ Foot Spa
Detox Hybrid™ Foot Spa
Detox Hybrid™ Foot Spa

Detox Hybrid™ Foot Spa

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Treat yourself with our relaxing Detox Hybrid™ Foot Spa. It does more than relax your feet and remove its dirt, specifically anxiety reduction for better sleep and toxins removal for weight loss.

It increases blood circulation causing overall improvement to your health. Making you feel and look healthy from the inside out! 


  • 【Improve Health】 
    Eliminate cold and dampness, promote blood circulation, and is more suitable for warming up in winter. Long-term herbal foot bath also can relieve joint pain and prevent colds.
  •  【Weight Loss】Effectively washes away dirt and toxins from the body, making it toxic and bacteria-free that helps the body to lose weight.


  • 【Better Sleeping Quality】  
    The relaxing sensation that it gives from the feet to the entire body helps in fighting anxiety causing the user to sleep well and deep.  


  • Natural Ingredients】 
     Each package contains 6 natural herbs: safflower, artemisia argyi, ginger, spatholobus suberectus Dunn, zanthoxylum bungeanum, and motherwort. 

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Weight: 1.06oz /Pack

Package Include

  • Detox Hybrid™ Foot Spa (5pcs/10pcs/30pcs One Month Therapy)

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