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Face Slimming Strap
Face Slimming Strap
Face Slimming Strap
Face Slimming Strap
Face Slimming Strap
Face Slimming Strap

Face Slimming Strap

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Get A V-shaped Face In The Fastest Way!

Want to get rid of double chin and slim down your face with no exercise needed? Couldn’t hide your fat face when taking photo? Couldn’t foresee any result even after extreme diet or frequent exercise?

No worries! By using Face Slimming Strap at home for 40 minutes 3-4 times a week, you will notice chin and face fat reduction with every use. It boosts your lymphatic system and releasing toxins and stored sodium through sweat. It will also perform skin tightening through frequent use restoring loose and sagging skin by reshaping the facial contour and delivering long-term firming results.


  • Lose face fat
    Slim down your face fats and double chin. It posses better result on chubby face or edema. Of course, different skin and face condition will give different result. Most importantly, stick to the routine to gain a stable result.

  • Face lifting
    Special pressure balance material that can tighten your face muscles. Use frequently to reshape the facial contour. 

  • Do it at your comfort zone
    No exercise required. Feel like eating when applying on the strap? Just go ahead or you can just lay on the sofa with slimming strap on and enjoy the slimming result.

  • Without adverse effect
    Work the same as normal exercise slimming. The mask essence will absorb into your skin and boost lymphatic system. The process involves normal metabolism action in slimming face with stable results. Prevent high fats or calories food and drink lesser water after night to get rid of edema. Most importantly, maintain a healthy and discipline lifestyle as a foundation to get a healthy skin.

How To Use

1. Measure your lower jaw with a measuring tape.
2. Apply the slimming mask onto your face.
3. Put on the slimming strap. Make sure it locate right below your jaw.
4. Leave it for 30 - 40 minutes. 
5. Remove the mask and massage the leftover liquid.
6. Measure again your lower jaw and note down the differences.


  • Adjustable to all head sizes
  • Material: Nano fabric

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